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Providing solutions across a variety of markets

PSG brands are always ready to assist with technical support for any of our products, parts or accessories.

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Food & Beverage Pumping Solutions

Ensuring optimum quality and reducing operational downtime are essential concerns in food-and-beverage processing. For reputable brands and burgeoning producers, quality assurance and customer satisfaction are critical to maintaining and building market share. To help ensure quality and customer satisfaction, manufacturers must employ food-transfer pumps that meet stringent international standards for hygiene, safety and accuracy.

Designed with manufacturing food processors or consumer-facing dispensers in mind, PSG® pumps excel in food-and-beverage applications because they are engineered to conform with sanitary standards (e.g., 3A, EHEDG and FDA) while providing gentle product handling, superior product containment and easy maintenance.

Almatec® offers the E-Series AODD Pump for the food-and-beverage industry. E-Series plastic pumps are made of PE or PTFE and are suitable for all kinds of chemical ingredients. They are available in ATEX versions and with monitoring options that provide a higher level of safety. Drainable versions are also available for valuable product recovery and easy cleaning. All E-Series materials conform to FDA, USP Class VI and EC 1935/2004.

Thanks to an exceptionally gentle, pulse-free flow that protects shear-sensitive products, Mouvex® Eccentric Disc Pumps are ideally suited for a wide range of food-and-beverage applications.

Featuring a unique seal-less design that provides superior performance and durability, Mouvex pumps deliver a very high vacuum on suction and strong air compression on discharge, allowing them to self-prime and maximize product recovery.

Quantex™ single-use food-and-beverage pumps are designed to be part of a product’s packaging, similar to the function of a wine tap on a bag-in-box. However, Quantex pumps simply clip into a standard motor drive in the fixed equipment, allowing precise dosing of foods, beverages, colorings and flavors. 

The pumps can handle highly viscous fluids like condiments and small particulates thanks to their high vacuum capability. Since the mechanics required to drive the pumps are so low-cost and simple, the Quantex pump system can significantly reduce the cost and footprint of dispensers, making them game-changing machines with a competitive edge.

Wilden® offers numerous AODD Pump models with the versatility you require, the safety you need, and the capability to efficiently pump a wide array of viscosities, solids and shear-sensitive products. Wilden AODD pumps lower the risk of cross-contamination while delivering extended uptime and easier maintenance by incorporating a free-draining flow path that optimizes performance and enables CIP capability.

All-Flo™ FDA and Hygienic AODD Pump models are perfect for the food-and-beverage industry. The pumps are available in two materials of construction – plastic or metal – with elastomers available for compatibility with a wide range of fluids. All-Flo food-grade AODD pumps utilize a simple air-valve system that helps eliminate the need for constant maintenance.

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