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Providing solutions across a variety of markets

PSG brands are always ready to assist with technical support for any of our products, parts or accessories.

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Pumps for the Paint and Coatings Industry

The overriding challenge for paint and coatings producers is to meet growing demand while controlling costs, optimizing uptime performance and complying with environmental requirements. To ensure the highest quality standards on a global basis, manufacturers must utilize robust equipment that offers the highest degree of flexibility and performance in terms of reliability, product-loss prevention, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

With unmatched expertise in the paint and coatings industry, PSG® specializes in providing pumps that seamlessly transfer your crucial and valuable fluids with the utmost safety, reliability and efficiency. Our technologies are indispensable in various paint and coatings applications, incorporating design features like seal-less operation, run-dry capability, product recovery and hassle-free maintenance, all geared towards ensuring peak performance and the longest mean time between repair (MTBR).

Flow Rate Pressure Temp High Viscosity¹ Medium Viscosity² Low & Variable Viscosity³ Shear Sensitive Solids Handling Dry Run Seal-Less Self-Priming Repeatable
AODD up to 277 gpm
(63 m³/hr)
up to 300 psi
(20.7 bar)
Eccentric Disc up to 198 gpm
(45 m³/hr)
up to 145 psi
(10.0 bar)
Internal Gear up to 500 gpm
(114 m³/hr)
up to 200 psi
(13.8 bar)

(1) High Viscosity is 100,000 SSU (21,600 CPS) and up
(2) Medium Viscosity is Up to 100,000 SSU (21,600 CPS)
(3) Low & Variable Viscosity is Under 1,000 SSU (216 CPS)
Data points will vary depending on material, size, and system conditions. Please consult the factory or authorized representative for details.

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