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Chem-Fuse Savings Calculator

Personalized savings calculations for your operation

Instantly see your potential savings based on the pre-filled standard mean time between failure data for Chem-Fuse and Conventional Diaphragms.

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The Perfect Pumping Solutions for Critical Semiconductor & Solar Applications

by PSG | Dec 15, 2021

As renewable energies continue to grow more important in the global economy, the solar and photovoltaic industry face increasing demand. However, even before there was a focus on more sustainable energy sources, semiconductor and solar operations held exacting standards for industry pumping applications. Luckily for those involved, Almatec® has developed its air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps to meet this growing global demand and the stringent handling requirements in semiconductor/solar applications, offering advanced engineered solutions operators can trust. In fact, Almatec has manufactured a range of specialty pumps for supplying and circulating chemicals in the semiconductor industry since 1984.

Meeting the Demands in the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor production process is extremely demanding on pumps, especially in terms of purity requirements, chemical resistance, high fluid temperatures and material specifications. To help meet the unique application requirements of the industry, Almatec developed its FUTUR Series pumps. Designed to supply, circulate and filter high-purity chemicals as well as pump abrasive slurries and solvents, the FUTUR Series can handle extremely high temperatures and chemicals such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen peroxide.semiconductor 11.56.20 AM

Ideally suited for semiconductor applications involving acids or caustics, FUTUR Series models are engineered to resist abrasion and support reliable, safe performance. Along with their entirely plastic construction and high tolerances, FUTUR Series pumps are self-priming and dry run capable. In eliminating the use of metal in the pump’s design, operators can prevent fluid contamination from metal ions.

To keep operations user-friendly and promote longevity, the pump has a compact, simple design with few parts and a one-piece PTFE diaphragm. Each model can also be readily controlled via the air volume.

With straight-through flow pattern technology, the FUTUR Series AODD pump is ideal for the requirements of semiconductor applications. The use of contactless cascade sealing, and the elimination of fastening elements, also minimizes the generation of particles. Each of its specially designed features help operators overcome many challenges inherent to the production of semiconductors.

Proving Valuable in the Solar Industry

Just as semiconductors grow more valuable, so does the solar industry. But the production and treatment of delicate solar cells requires unique pumping technology. Almatec E-Series air-operated diaphragm pumps meet this demand, developed specially to support customer safety, quality and reliability standards.solar

Standard E-Series pumps do not use any metal on their exterior to avoid corrosion. Instead, they are equipped with a distinctive wall thickness available in various materials. Featuring gentle displacement capabilities and infinitely controllable via air volume, E-Series pumps are especially well-suited for the manufacture of silicon solar cells (wafers).

However, models available in PTFE material or abrasion-resistant polyethylene are also ideal for pumping slurry before and after the silicon sawing process, as well as in the chemical treatment of the wafers.

Across all applications in the solar industry, E-Series pumps decrease air consumption thanks to an optimized flow pattern. Along with greater application efficiency, the E-Series also offers operators pump security due to an innovative ring-tightening structure. Through these design features and more, the E-Series pumps lend themselves to optimized production, handling and chemical treatment in the solar industry.

Almatec AODD Pumps Deliver

Compatible with liquids of high or low viscosity and high temperatures, E-Series and FUTUR Series pumps are designed to handle abrasive, shear sensitive and corrosive fluids. Our range of construction materials and design features empower operators to optimize the unique production processes within the semiconductor and solar industries. Equipped with these specialized pumps, operators can meet the growing demand for renewable energies around the world.

To learn more about Almatec pumping solutions for the semiconductor and solar industries, click here or contact us today.