Almatec Active Pulsation Damper – For a Uniform Flow

Due to their design, pumps with oscillating action produce a pulsating flow. While the double-acting design of the Almatec® E-Series pump with a direct pneumatic drive already greatly reduces pulsation, a self-regulating pulsation damper must be installed on the delivery side of the pump in order to obtain a virtually uniform flow.

The dampers are self-regulating. Like in Almatec pumps, the diaphragm merely serves as a barrier between the product and the air chamber and is, therefore, always without pressure. If the pressure on the product side drops due to changes in the operating conditions, the pressure on the other side of the diaphragm will decline accordingly. As soon as the pressure on the product side rises, the pressure on the other side will increase as well. This automatic adjustment optimizes the diaphragm setting and ensures a consistently good damping effect.