Advanced engineered solutions that come from decades of experience and innovation in the semiconductor/solar industry.

The supply, circulation and filtration of high-purity chemicals, as well as the transfer of abrasive slurries and solvents, are typical applications found in the semiconductor industry. These operations place very high demands on pumps, especially plastic pumps, because of the high-temperature ranges often associated with these applications.

The completely metal-free Almatec® FUTUR Series pump offers numerous design features that enable it to overcome the many challenges inherent in the production of semiconductors while providing a pure and safe operation. Thanks to these design features and benefits, FUTUR Series pumps are well suited to successfully handle high-purity chemicals, including H2SO4, HCl, HNO3, H3PO4, HF and H2O2.

The value of the solar or photovoltaic industry in the world economy is increasing rapidly due to the growing importance of renewable energies. The Almatec E-SERIES air-operated diaphragm pumps, which do not use any metal on their exterior, are considered to be especially well suited for use in the manufacture of silicon solar cells (wafers) in particular. Possible areas of application in this industry include using pumps made of abrasion-resistant polyethylene for the pumping of slurry before and after the silicon sawing process, as well as chemical treatment of the wafers (using pumps made of PTFE).

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Application Examples

  • Supply, circulation and filtration of chemicals
  • Acids and caustics, including hot applications
  • High-purity chemicals
  • Solvents, including mixtures
  • Strippers
  • Abrasive slurries

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