Screw-On Dampers screw-on-damper-2

Almatec Screw-On Dampers Easy and Effective

Almatec® screw-on pulsation dampers represent the latest generation of active pulsation dampers and can be simply screwed onto the pump. Additional connecting elements are not required. Screw-on pulsation dampers are available for E-Series and FUTUR Series pumps.

The E-Series ET damper is also available in a flange version. Appropriate size pulsation dampers are available for every pump. The wetted material is PE or PTFE (both also conductive). Damper heads are made of polyamide or PE conductive. As with Almatec pumps, the recessed housing bolts are tightened against a ring. The exterior is completely free of metal.

The FUTUR Series damper model D is also available in a stainless-steel version for the FUTUR S Series pumps.