Spare Parts Kits

Almatec® spare parts kits provide pump safety for one year of operation and are compiled for a single-shift operation (8 hours per day). These spare parts kits ensure that the correct replacement parts are always available in the required quantities, helping to avoid production downtime and ensure that Almatec pumps are always ready for action. Additionally, it is cheaper to buy spare parts kits than individually parts.

As example please see below the spare part kit for the E-Series:

Spare parts kit, consist of: Quantity
O-ring, sleeve 8
Ball/cylinder valve 4
Diaphragm 2
O-ring, valve stop discharge valve 2
Shaft seal (E 15 - E 50), cpl. 2
Muffler 1
Air control system PERSWING P®, cpl. 1

To receive a quotation for your respective spare parts kit, please provide your pump code to