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Increasing environmental awareness in society and legal requirements are rapidly accelerating the creation and use of e-mobility products and systems. The heart of e-mobility, such as electric vehicles (EV), is the battery with battery developers looking for ways to optimize the technology’s cost, performance and reach.

In addition to the production of new batteries, which is booming due to the growing e-mobility trend, the efficient and sustainable recycling of batteries is also becoming increasingly important, as they contain valuable and rare reusable raw materials such as Yttrium, lanthanum and Cobalt that cannot be simply released into the waste stream.Creating an ecosystem to establish circular economy is therefore increasingly important.

Almatec®'s chemical-resistant air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps have proven their worth in the field when handling the chemicals that are used in battery production and recycling.

Application Examples

  • Transfer of chemicals (solvents, sulfuric acid, electrolytes) from tank trucks to the production plant
  • Pumping of solvents (NMP) and slurries within the electrode-production process
  • Filling of electrolyte into pouch cells
  • Lead-slurry disposal
  • Gelation of sulfuric acid
  • Recirculation and pumping of wastewater generated during battery production and recycling

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