State-Of-The-Art AODD Pumps

Since our founding in 1984, Almatec® has been committed to defining "what's next" in state-of-the-art AODD pump technology by focusing on extensive product enhancements and innovations. Described below is the product development of our main pump lines.

Almatec Multicor Pump

1984: AD Series (Multicor)

The compact and "closed" design of AD Series pumps immediately became Almatec's trademark.

  • Massive plastic construction provided the mass an oscillating pump required
  • Housing material used for the wetted parts was either abrasion-resistant polyethylene or PTFE, which is almost universally chemically resistant
  • Outer surface was completely metal free
  • The diaphragms were available with integrated metal core and without outer pistons
  • Choice of either ball or cylinder valves

Almatec A-Series AODD Pumps

1998: A-Series

After 14 years of success in the market, AD Series pumps were replaced by A-Series pumps in 1998.

  • Housing parts (wetted and non-wetted) all constructed from the same material
  • Fluid connections were integrated into the center housing
  • Designed to fit flange connections
  • Various connection patterns could be realized by rotating the center housing
  • Versions with either ball or cylinder valves could easily be updated thanks to the pump's identical inner structures

Almatec E-Series AODD Pumps

2009: E-Series

Based on Almatec's extensive experience with A-Series pumps, Almatec developed the E-Series plastic pump in 2009. The pump was a complete success, and even the E-Series pump's name perfectly captures the spirit of Almatec's vision: E = economic, efficient and ecological.

  • Further increased pump safety due to innovative ring-tightening structure
  • Increased capacity
  • Decreased air consumption
  • Reduced noise level
  • Optimized flow pattern
  • Pulsation damper suitable for flange connection
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