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Glycol Feeders glycol-feed

Glycol Feeders

Neptune Glycol Feeders are designed for the addition of glycol solution to closed loop chilled or hot water systems. The system automatically maintains pressure in the loop by adding glycol solution to make up for losses which occur due to leakage.

Glycol addition is controlled by a pressure switch with adjustable low and high set points. When the pressure in the loop reaches the low set point, the pump begins to feed glycol into the system until the high pressure set point is achieved and stops the pump.

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Features and Benefits

  • 50 gallon (189 liters) polyethylene tank mounted in a steel frame
  • Bronze rotary gear pump
  • Float switch for low level pump shutoff and alarm
  • NEMA 4X control panel, which includes:
    • Hand-off auto-selector switch for pump motor
    • Pump "on" indicator light
    • "Low" tank level indicator light
    • Dry contact for remote low level indication
    • Power cord with plug, 115V 60C
    • Optional audible alarm and push button silence

Each Neptune Glycol Feeder is fully piped and wired with the following components:

  • Suction Assembly includes:
    • PVC tubing and fittings
    • PVC ball valve
    • Cast iron "Y" strainer
  • Discharge Assembly includes:
    • Schedule 40 brass pipe and fittings
    • PVC ball valve
    • Brass check valve
    • Pressure gauge
    • Brass relief valve with return to tank tubing

Additional Economy Glycol Feed System available