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Neptune delivers pump systems for use in the reliable and safe handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications in municipalities, general industries and agriculture.

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Since the beginning of time, people have had the need to treat the water they consume. Ensuring that communities have the cleanest water possible for daily needs such as cooking or cleaning and recreational usage places a great amount of pressure on water and wastewater-treatment facilities to perform their jobs as effectively, efficiently and safely as possible. To ensure a water treatment operation reaches the pinnacle of proper performance, operators must select the best pump technology for each of the many critical chemical-metering processes involved.

With varying flow rates, viscosities, compatibility issues, pH levels and handling characteristics to consider, an array of pump types are needed to guarantee an optimized water treatment operation. Neptune™ is synonymous with providing a comprehensive portfolio of chemical handling components for water in to water out processes in water treatment and process applications. From metering pumps and polymer makedown systems, to feeders or injection quills – Neptune has all the water treatment products and accessories you need.


Metering Applications

  • Metering of sodium and calcium hypochlorites for disinfection
  • Metering of alum or sodium aluminate as a coagulant aid
  • Metering activated carbon slurries for taste and odor control
  • Metering of lime slurries in softening and pH control
  • Metering of polymers for primary coagulation

Injection Applications

  • Injection of sulfuric acid and sodium silicate
  • Injection of filter aid slurries Acid and caustic injection for pH control or regeneration of resins
  • Injection of potassium permanganate for manganese and iron removal
  • Injection of phosphate for red water control Injection of fluorine compounds for dental cavity control
  • Injection of copper sulfate for algae control in cooling tower water
  • Sulfuric acid injection to prevent delignification of cooling tower lumber

Other Applications

  • Preparation of silica-sol for coagulation of high organic waters
  • Acid and caustic injection for pH control or regeneration of resins
  • Ammonium sulphate or aqua ammonia in production of chloramines
  • Bromine for disinfection

Neptune Solutions

Neptune Pumps

Neptune provides a variety of metering pump technologies – including hydraulic, mechanical and electronic – that feature unique design capabilities to handle a variety of chemical materials and requirements.

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Neptune offers a number of products from packaged chemical feed systems and feeders, to accessories that enable safe and reliable handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications.

Neptune Mixers

Neptune offers a complete line of portable mixers for a wide variety of critical blending and mixing operations.

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