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Neptune delivers pump systems for use in the reliable and safe handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications in municipalities, general industries and agriculture.

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Regardless of the energy type, all power stations - including coal fired, nuclear, gas turbine and even hydroelectric - require metering pumps of some fashion in their operation. With an around the clock operation and close to zero downtime, these energy plants demand a reliable and accurate dosing and metering pump to keep up with the modern world's requirement for 24/365 power needs. While these pumps are often forgotten in the vast infrastructure of a power station, they are central to the heart of the operation, and often the cause for plant shutdowns when they fail.

Throughout our history, Neptune™ has built a reputation as a leading supplier of hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps for use in conjunction with boilers and cooling towers in power plants. From unique capabilities like the Variable Oil By-pass™ stroke adjustment for better valve performance, to the EZE-CLEAN™ valves with cartridges that can be removed for cleaning without disturbing the pump's piping, and other pump technologies with the ability to operate at high pressures, Neptune has the metering pump capabilities to handle a variety of energy application needs.


  • Caustic Dosing at high pressures
  • Ammonia Dosing
  • Hydrazine Dosing
  • Sulphuric Acid Dosing
  • Ferric Chloride
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Anti-scalents
  • Biocides
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Polymers

Neptune Solutions

500 Series

Series 500 Hydraulic Metering Pumps are perfect for metering applications. Each pump features a variable Oil By-Pass™ stroke adjustment which will allow better valve performance than variable linkage designs.

6000 Series

6000 Series Hydraulic Metering Pumps are designed for low volume, high pressure applications and are available in both Simplex and Duplex configurations.

Neptune Pumps

Neptune provides a variety of metering pump technologies – including hydraulic, mechanical and electronic – that feature unique design capabilities to handle a variety of chemical materials and requirements.

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