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Neptune delivers pump systems for use in the reliable and safe handling of chemical fluids used for water treatment applications in municipalities, general industries and agriculture.

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The Best Processes

While humans have been planting and harvesting crops for millennia, the precise science of agriculture has been a process of trial and error that has developed most rapidly in recent centuries. The timing process of working with climate conditions and seasons is one of the many factors that farmers need to take into account to ensure a worthy harvest of their crops.

In between planting and harvesting, there are a number of other timing decisions that need to be made, such as identifying the best process for fertigation - the use of the irrigation system to deliver fertilizers, pesticides and acids for pH control in the most effective amounts for high crop yield.

Neptune™ hydraulic and mechanical metering pumps, fertilizer pump platforms, chemigation systems and injection quills have become the industry standard in a wide variety of agricultural applications, including irrigation and the precise application of various fertilizer and chemical products.

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  • Fertilizers
  • Herbicides/Fungicides/Algaecides/Insecticide
  • Specialty Additives for Soil Binding
  • Landscape and Turf Nutrients, Surfactants and Chemicals:
    • Golf Course Chemicals
    • Turf and Sod Farms
    • Large Feature Landscape
    • Horticulture – Greenhouse and Nurseries
    • Water Features – Fountains, Pools and Spas

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Pump Solutions

500 Series

Series 500 Hydraulic Metering Pumps are perfect for metering applications. Each pump features a variable Oil By-Pass™ stroke adjustment which will allow better valve performance than variable linkage designs.

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