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Wherever safe, accurate, and repeatable flow control and measurement are required, you can find Malema solutions.

For over 40 years, Malema flow meters, flow controllers, flow switches, relief valves and pressure sensors have been utilized across various demanding applications. They offer high-purity performance in semiconductor production, safety in dangerous industrial environments and precision in hydrogen transportation applications.

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Malema service engineers and technicians are ready to assist you with our product installation information, performance solutions, and troubleshooting to insure your application is a success.

If circumstances require additional technical evaluation and troubleshooting of our products, we have a dedicated experienced service team to service your instrument in a reliable, timely manner:

RMA Procedure

  • The RMA (Return Authorization Request) form must be completed and returned to Malema in order for a Return Authorization Number to be issued.
  • The Decontamination Statement in the RMA form must be accepted and signed by the customer.
  • Applicable MSDS sheets must be included with the shipment.
  • We will contact you with the Return Authorization Number upon the receipt of the completed forms.
  • Electronics should be wrapped in an anti-static or static resistant bag (supplied upon request) and surrounded with appropriate packing material in a box.
  • Instruments weighing up to 50 lbs [23 kgs] should be covered with protective wrap and surrounded with appropriate packing material in a box.
  • Instruments weighing more than 70 lbs [32 kgs], or extending more than 4 feet [1.2 m] should be secured in a wooden crate by bolting the assemblies in place.

Requesting an RMA

    • All product returns must have an RMA number prior to shipping back to the factory.
    • When completing the RMA Request Form, please describe in detail the reason you are returning the product.
    • Our Factory Service Technicians will review your reason for returning the product and may contact you in an effort to resolve the issue prior to returning the product, thereby eliminating any unnecessary inconvenience for you.

RMA Form