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Wherever safe, accurate, and repeatable flow control and measurement are required, you can find Malema solutions.

For over 40 years, Malema flow meters, flow controllers, flow switches, relief valves and pressure sensors have been utilized across various demanding applications. They offer high-purity performance in semiconductor production, safety in dangerous industrial environments and precision in hydrogen transportation applications.

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Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Flow Controllers

Malema's CPFM-8200 series, CPFM-8800 series, SumoFlo® CPFM-8100 series and SumoFlo® CPFM-8103 series Coriolis mass flow meters, CASY-8103 series Coriolis flow sensor assemblies and CMFC-5000 series, CMFC-6000 series, and CMFC-9000 series Coriolis mass flow controllers include technology covered by the following patents:

  • US 8,404,076
    • Japan 5,602,884
    • South Korea 10-1470717
    • China ZL 201080063688.8
  • US 8,887,578
  • US 9,677,921
    • China ZL 201480046308.8
    • Europe 3,036,083
    • Taiwan I528021
    • Japan 6,257,772
  • US 10,209,113
    • Japan 6,581,309
    • Taiwan I657231
    • China 201680077990.6
    • Europe 3,380,816
  • US 10,260,922
  • US 11,300,435
  • US 11,585,687
  • US 11,619,532
  • Other Patents pending

Interconnect Interlock Device

Malema's MIID-1000 series, MIID-2000 series, and MIID-3000 series Interconnect Interlock Device includes technology covered by the following patents:

  • US 8,997,789

Dispense Verification Meters

Malema's MDM-3000 series Dispense Verification Meters include technology covered by the following patents:

  • US 8,185,237
  • US 8,467,900

Single-Use Pulsation Dampeners

Malema's DMP-7000 series pulsation dampeners and CASY-8103 Coriolis flow sensor assemblies include technology covered by the following patents:

  • US 11,644,140