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Wherever safe, accurate, and repeatable flow control and measurement are required, you can find Malema solutions.

For over 40 years, Malema flow meters, flow controllers, flow switches, relief valves and pressure sensors have been utilized across various demanding applications. They offer high-purity performance in semiconductor production, safety in dangerous industrial environments and precision in hydrogen transportation applications.

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News & Press Releases

  • Malema Semiconductor Brochure Now Available

    Jun 26, 2024
    Malema Semiconductor Brochure Now Available With so many flow measurement and control options, choosing the right one for your application can be challenging. Fortunately, Malema® has released the Flow Measurement & Control Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing Brochure to offer comprehensive information about Malema technology.
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  • Malema and Almatec® will exhibit at SEMICON West

    Jun 26, 2024
    Malema and Almatec® will exhibit the dynamic duo of semiconductor flow measurement and control technology at SEMICON West in the South Hall Booth 1373 from July 9 to 11, 2024.
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  • Semiconductor Application Map Available

    Jun 26, 2024
    Being a vital player in the industrial realm, the semiconductor industry faces a constant demand for meters and sensor solutions that tackle the challenges of semiconductor production while ensuring accuracy, repeatability and safety. Leveraging flow-measurement technology designed to handle high-purity chemicals, abrasive slurries, surfactants and corrosive chemicals consistently grants semiconductor manufacturers a competitive edge in this dynamic market.
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  • Dover Completes Acquisition of Malema Engineering Corporation

    Jun 26, 2024
    Dover announced today that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of Malema Engineering Corporation ("Malema"), which will become part of the PSG business unit within Dover's Pumps & Process Solutions segment.
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  • Bob Lauson Named General Manager for Malema

    Jun 25, 2024
    Bob Lauson Named General Manager for Malema Long-term growth requires a leader with an excellent track record. That’s why Malema is pleased to announce Bob Lauson's appointment as general manager.
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  • Dover Corporation to Acquire Malema

    May 19, 2022
    Malema will become part of the PSG® business unit within Dover’s Pumps & Process Solutions segment, expanding Dover’s biopharma single-use production offering while providing a long-term growth opportunity in the bioprocessing industry.
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  • Expanding Our Global Manufacturing Footprint

    Mar 02, 2022
    Malema’s reliable and precisely accurate Flow Measurement devices are calibrated and extensively tested in our world class manufacturing facilities which include 30,000 sqft of ISO Class 6 Clean Rooms and ISO Class 7 Production Space purposefully built for high purity industries. Our global footprint ensures consistent supply without fear of shutdowns due to natural disasters or political disruptions.
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  • Customizable Flow Switches for All Industries

    Jul 01, 2021
    Malema’s Flow Switches have been used widely amongst many OEMs since 1981. We’ve supported an even wider range of applications.
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  • Slurry & Chemical Flow Controller Retrofit Kits for CMP tools

    Jun 14, 2021
    Malema Sensors® LFC-7000 series slurry flow controllers improve flow control performance and time to achieve flow control, saving our customers 20% to 30% of CMP slurry compared to peristaltic pump slurry delivery.
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  • Malema Turns 40

    Apr 01, 2021
    On this 40th Anniversary, we thank our Customers, Malema Team Members, Malema Distribution Partners and Suppliers globally as we continue to strive to provide innovative and high-quality flow technologies.
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  • Malema’s MDM-3000 Ideal for Dispense Verification in Critical Dosing Applications

    Feb 04, 2021
    MDM-3000 is a non-invasive dispense validation meter based on Malema's patented ultrasonic measurement technology that provides 100% dispense verification. By using Malema’s MDM-3000 dispense meter, every dispense is validated using an instrument sensitive enough to detect very small changes without sacrificing production speed, quality, or accuracy.
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  • Flow Measurement and Control for Diamond Slurry in Semiconductor Processing

    Jul 06, 2020
    Accurate flow measurement and control of slurry dispense in semiconductor polishing and lapping tools is critical. It guarantees customers high throughput, reduced consumption, and consistent quality. Malema’s PFA Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and Flow Controller is the only flow measuring technology that is successfully used in high viscosity applications, such as diamond slurries.
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  • Preventing Cross Contamination with MIID

    Apr 27, 2020
    CMP Slurry and DI Water cross contamination events were disrupting operations and depressing yields at a major, multi-national semiconductor manufacturer. On a reoccurring but sporadic basis, the customer discovered CMP slurry contaminating its DI water systems or their CMP slurries supplies were inexplicably diluted.
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  • Improve Safety of Hydrogen Service using Malema™ M-VF Excess Flow Valves

    Feb 20, 2020
    The Malema™ M-VF series adjustable velocity fuse is a safety device used in tubes and pipe lines carrying hazardous fluids such as hydrogen gas. A rupture or leak in the fluid path downstream of the safety valve increases the velocity of the fluid beyond a predetermined set level, causing the fuse to shut off flow through the line.
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