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Wherever safe, accurate, and repeatable flow control and measurement are required, you can find Malema solutions.

For over 40 years, Malema flow meters, flow controllers, flow switches, relief valves and pressure sensors have been utilized across various demanding applications. They offer high-purity performance in semiconductor production, safety in dangerous industrial environments and precision in hydrogen transportation applications.

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Explosion-Proof Fixed Set Point Flow Switches

Malema UL listed, ATEX and IECEX certified Explosion-Proof Fixed Set Point Flow Switches, are designed for optimal performance in hazardous applications. These fixed set point flow switches are configurable for single-pole, single-throw (SPST) or single-pole, dual-throw (SPDT) allowing for flexibility with different outputs for both the high and low set point. Malema Explosion-Proof Fixed Set Point Flow Switches are highly accurate - within 10% of the desired set point, with repeatability of 5%, helping you maintain production standards, protect vital equipment, and prevent waste of valuable materials.