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Wherever safe, accurate, and repeatable flow control and measurement are required, you can find Malema solutions.

For over 40 years, Malema flow meters, flow controllers, flow switches, relief valves and pressure sensors have been utilized across various demanding applications. They offer high-purity performance in semiconductor production, safety in dangerous industrial environments and precision in hydrogen transportation applications.

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LFC-7000 ULTRASONIC FLOW CONTROLLERS Ultrasonic Flow Controller with PTFE/PFA Wetted Parts

With ±1% metering accuracy, the LFC-7000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Controller, with integral display, provides superior performance in all operating conditions, regardless of density, viscosity, gases or temperature. With a wide range of flow control from 5 to 12,000 mL/min, the LFC-7000 line of closed-loop flow control modules is designed for wet clean tools and post-CMP cleaning applications, while the integral display offers immediate dispensing feedback.

The LFC-7000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Controller combines flow meter technology with a control valve for complete control of dispensing of any slurries or chemistries. The flow meter portion features an all-PFA construction with no moving parts or seals, setting the standard for flow measurement in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and purity. Equipped with either a motor-actuated pinch valve (for slurries) or a diaphragm valve (for chemistries), the LFC-7000 provides a fast and precise response with minimal “overshoot.” The control valve features all PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) construction and minimal dead volume, ensuring maximum process purity and reliability.

With additional options of port sizes of 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” inch and flare or pillar connections, the LFC-7000 with the integral display can be easily integrated into your current slurry or chemistry dispensing applications.

The LFC-7000 sets the standard for flow measurement in terms of accuracy, repeatability, turndown and purity. Its Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology ensures reliable performance even with a certain degree of bubbles in the process fluids, an area where many other ultrasonic flow controllers struggle. Additionally, measurement drift is a non-issue due to ultrasonic technology that eliminates the issues that environmental conditions and temperature swings can cause with a competing differential pressure flow controller.

With the ±1% metering accuracy of the LFC-7000 Series Ultrasonic Flow Controller, your operation can ensure improved product yield by consistently manufacturing better quality wafers while minimizing costly downtime and increasing overall operational profitability.


  • Integral display feature to provide immediate dispensing information
  • Equipped with either a motor-actuated pinch valve (for slurries) or diaphragm valve (for chemistries) for fast and precise response with minimal “overshoot”
  • Eliminates sensor drift that can occur with changes to environmental or temperature conditions due to superior ultrasonic technology
  • Available in ¼”, &frac3/8;” or ½” inch port sizes with flare or pillar connections
  • Fast Response 3 seconds (typically < 2 seconds for most applications)
  • High flow turndown ratio (20:1)
  • All Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) / Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) wetted part construction – ensures compatibility with UHP liquid chemicals and DI water
  • Ideal for slurry or chemistry dispensing applications
  • High Accuracy - Controls flow rate to within ± 1% of the set point for the entire flow range
  • Wide range of flow control capability - 5 ml/min – 12,000 ml/min
  • Low maintenance – LFC-7000 Ultrasonic Flow Controllers contain NO moving parts, diminishing any wear component issues, leading to improved uptime
  • Components of the LFC-7000 can be repaired, allowing you to recoup your initial investment


  • Designed for use in wet clean tools and post-CMP cleaning applications


Performance Specifications

Standard Full Scale Range 50 mL/min
100 mL/min
250 mL/min
500 mL/min
1,000 mL/min
1,250 mL/min
2,500 mL/min
4,000 mL/min
8,000 mL/min
Accuracy** ±1% of set point or ±3 mL/min (whichever is larger)
Repeatability** ±1% of set point or ±1 mL/min (whichever is larger)
Control of Repeatability ±0.5% of set point or ±0.5 mL/min (whichever is larger)
Flow Control Time < 3 sec
Fluid Temperature 10 - 60° C***
Ambient: Temperature/Humidity 0° - 40° C / 30 - 80% RH, without Dew
Maximum Expected Operating Pressure 50 psig
Maximum Safe Internal Pressure 70 psig
Differential Pressure Range 7 to 30 psid (depending on flow range)

* The enclosure footprint may be larger for these flow ranges to meet the pressure drop specification. The minimum differential pressure requirements can be higher for these ranges.
** Please consult with Malema for ghter accuracy/repeatability needs. Accuracy/repeatability is based on room temperature DIW calibration
*** Consult the factory for higher temperature applica on.

Electrical Specifications

Power Supply Input 24 Vdc ± 10 %
Consumption Max 0.5 A
Set Point Signal In* Max 30 Vdc, 200 mA NPN open collector
Control Signal In* 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA (input resistance 500 Ω)
Flow Signal Out** 0 to 10 Vdc or 4 to 20 mA (load resistance 900 Ω maximum)

* Other options available
** Both Active and Passive current options available

Material Specifications

Wetted Parts for Modules – LFC 7000 with Pinch Valve PFA, PT cured Silicone*
Wetted Parts for Modules – LFC 7000 with Diaphragm PTFE, PFA
Non wetted parts, enlcosure PPS, PEEK, Acrylic, Vinyl, PVC*

* Only used in the Slurry Module
* Flame retardant (FMET4325)

Physical Specifications

Mounting Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
Fluid Connections Inlet/Outlet: 1/4" or 3/8", Flare or Pillar
Ingress Rating IP65

For additional specification details, please refer to the product data sheet located in the documentation tab of this web page.