Semiconductor Industry Consultant Recommends Almatec® AODD Pumps

by Marc Bleisteiner | Nov 07, 2022

The roots of eMAXX GmbH can be traced back to the 2000s when a group of people who were working in the German semiconductor industry struck up a friendship. The ultimate outcome of that friendship reached fruition in 2017 when they pooled their resources together to found their own consulting, engineering, design and programming company for the industry.

Today, eMAXX, which is based in Dresden, Germany, has grown into a company that, in addition to semiconductors, now offers services that are designed to help operators in other critical industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, and solar optimize the performance of their companies.

But while eMAXX has spread its wings into other industries, its bread and butter remains helping its clients in the semiconductor business optimize their operations. Specifically, the bulk of eMAXX’s clients focus on the wafer manufacturing, chip fabrication and product packaging/testing that comprise the steps in semiconductor manufacturing. Over the years, the semiconductor industry – and information technology itself – has gone through several stages of evolution, with that evolution continuing as the pursuit of enhanced automation and digitization of machines drives forward. At this point in time, reducing the semiconductor’s physical size is the focus of the product’s evolving geometry.

“Over the years, semiconductor chip technology has continued to change, with transistors getting smaller and smaller,” explained Alexander Keßler, Managing Director of eMAXX and one of its founders. “This makes it challenging to produce products that are both high in purity and quality and have long mean time before failure (MTBF).”

Because of these critical and constantly evolving demands, it is incredibly important that semiconductor manufacturers identify and deploy the proper equipment at every stage of wafer production, chip design and production, and product testing. In all of these areas, industrial pumps are vital pieces of equipment that are required to operate reliably, efficiently and safely in order to help optimize semiconductor-production operations.

Within this realm, air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps have earned their rightful place as a first-choice technology for use in the handling and transfer of high-purity chemicals and waste liquids of varying viscosities, particulate sizes and abrasion levels. With those demands in mind, Keßler, and his team at eMAXX recommend Almatec®, Duisburg, Germany, a product brand of PSG®, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA, a Dover company, and their AODD pumps to their client base.

“When researching Almatec AODD pumps, we found that they possessed the capability to meet our clients’ demand for reliable pumps that offer high-purity performance with long MTBF,” said Kessler.

Specifically, eMAXX recommends Almatec’s FUTUR Series pumps for use in high-purity liquid-handling applications because they feature a design that allows liquids to flow straight through the product chambers within the center housing. This design ensures that only one side of housing comes in contact with the liquid, which reduces the number of flow bends to only two, resulting in minimized surface area while eliminating the need for sliding parts in the product chambers, along with O-rings in the wetted area. FUTUR pumps also feature no fastening elements, such as tie rods or clamps, with contactless cascade sealing between the product chambers improving the pump’s structural integrity. All of these design enhancements work to minimize the generation of particulate matter as the pump operates.

For more utilitarian liquid-handling duties, eMAXX suggests E-Series AODD pumps. The advancements within the E-Series’ design include an innovative ring-tightening structure that works against a diaphragm-sized ring, which spreads bolt force out and allows higher bolt torques; increased flow capacity via an optimized flow pattern; decreased air consumption; reduced noise levels; and a pulsation dampener suitable for flanged connections. All of these capabilities combine to make E-Series pumps ideal for use as a drain pump in wastewater-treatment applications.

“We like that all of the models deliver reliable and solid performance even when handling high-purity chemicals in which no product contamination is allowed,” Keßler, said. “Almatec pumps are also easy to maintain. There really is no reason for our semiconductor clients not to use Almatec AODD pumps.”

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