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Griswold® - Unmatched Technical Capabilities

by PSG | Feb 22, 2022

With a commitment to quality, technical expertise and customer support, Griswold® centrifugal pumps have been at the forefront of performance and dependability for more than 70 years.

These characteristics are supported by unmatched quality assurance programs at our world-class testing and manufacturing facility.

This facility is custom designed for pump testing, calibration and quality program procedures. It is certified ISO 9001, ISO 140001, OSHAS 18001, and certified by the Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program (PTLAP). What this means is that all Griswold products are not only engineered for reliability and safety in every application, but they are backed by industry-leading quality standards and expert performance testing and analysis.

With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of our technical capabilities.

Griswold Quality Control

The quality assurance team at Griswold performs thorough inspections of all parts – whether manufactured in-house or by an external supplier – to fully comply with the precise design requirements of each product.

This detailed process ensures that every piece of equipment meets their unique specs and is functionally ready for your application.

The Test Lab

The onsite testing facility at Griswold performs complete and rigorous tests of each pump’s design and functionality. The goal is to further establish their quality and reliability while meeting compliance standards and regulations.  

This battery of tests – including NPSH, performance and vibration – guarantee the highest levels of performance and safety.

A Team of Engineering Experts

Our certified engineers are members of the Hydraulic Institute (HI), the recognized global authority on pumping systems. Each day, the engineering department at Griswold uses state-of-the-art design technology such as 3D modeling, finite element analysis tools, computational fluid dynamics and more. These programs analyze each pump’s design specifications to unmatched levels.

Application Specialists

We understand that each application’s requirements are unique. That is why our application team at Griswold utilizes their many years of experience and technical expertise to help guide your exact needs from selecting the right pump, to the proper installation and troubleshooting the equipment in the field.

At Griswold, our testing facility and team of experts are here to make sure you get everything you need out of your centrifugal pumps, and nothing you don’t. From quality manufacturing, extensive testing, and exceptional customer service, we have the equipment and support you need to keep your operation on track.