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For over 70 years, our history of experience shows our commitment to providing quality centrifugal pumps.

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Unmatched in technical capabilities

Griswold overcomes unique operational challenges for applications in the safest, most efficient and profitable way possible.

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The Griswold Competitive Advantage

Backed by 70 years of experience and commitment to manufacturing quality centrifugal pumps, Griswold™ provides solutions for many of the world’s largest chemical, oil & gas, power generation, water parks, zoos, aquariums, and fountain companies. Located in Grand Terrace, CA, USA, Griswold is a product brand of PSG, a Dover company.

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Technical Expertise

Our company legacy and industry experience has proven that Griswold is a strong competitor in the marketplace. We generate confidence in our product through our unmatched application knowledge and technical capabilities, all backed by our world class testing facility, and quality procedures.

Value Proposition

Griswold offers confidence at a competitive price. With a complete line of reliable and high quality centrifugal pumps, Griswold meets our customer’s most demanding application requirements, all the while minimizing project costs.

Channel Partner Commitment

Griswold is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term trust with our channel partners and customers by providing reliable products through our journey to legendary customer service. We want our partners to know that we are dedicated to our collective growth and their overall success.