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For over 70 years, our history of experience shows our commitment to providing quality centrifugal pumps.

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Griswold® 811 Series Parts, Maintenance and Interchangeability

Griswold will never compromise on quality. Thanks to our quality assurance programs that ensure parts are manufactured to the highest standards and within engineered tolerances, each and every part is designed for performance, tested for reliability and inspected to guarantee consistency. With high-quality, genuine, certified parts, Griswold provides the confidence and reassurance users need to achieve maximum performance and dependability from their centrifugal pumps.

Griswold ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Pump Parts
Griswold ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Pump Part-for-Part Interchangeability
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Supply Chain

Every Griswold component goes through a rigid Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) to ensure quality and pump reliability.

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Quality Manufacturing

Our facilities are ISO 9001/14001 compliant. State-of-the-art coordinate measuring machines and 3D scanning equipment ensure the highest level of part quality.

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All of our parts – including the shafts, bearings and labyrinth oil seals – are completely interchangeable with over 600,000 other pumps already in use.

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5-Year Warranty

To ensure quality and reliability, Griswold backs our 811 ANSI Series pumps and parts with a 5-year warranty against material and workmanship.

Griswold ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Maintenance and Repair Kits
Griswold ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Pump Rotating Assemblies
Griswold rotating assemblies are available for 811S, 811M, 811L and 811XL power frames.
Griswold ASME (ANSI) B73.1 Centrifugal Pump Power Frames