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PSG brands represent a commitment to our customers by offering them safe, quality, reliable products with the best possible delivery in our industry.

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PSG® focuses on providing solutions to customers across a wide array of markets and industries. Our core competencies span several markets that cover nearly every aspect of daily life around the globe.

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Providing solutions across a variety of markets

PSG brands are always ready to assist with technical support for any of our products, parts or accessories.

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Caring For Every Drop

At PSG® Biotech, we are passionate about enabling the most reliable, safe and effective results, producing the highest yields without compromising product quality. This is why our best-in-class pump, flow-control and flow-measurement solutions – which cover a wide range of critical applications from development to commercial scale – are trusted across the biopharmaceutical industry to support and facilitate optimum results.

PSG Biotech single-use and multiple-use technologies provide a broad range of easy-to-use, premium-quality products in one comprehensive portfolio. This means that you can rely on an industry-leading partner to provide the product continuity and containment, supply security and scalability required – supporting your mission of transforming lives and advancing the human condition.

Quattroflow® multiple- and single-use Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pumps meet all the operational requirements necessary to ensure the safe, cost-effective, efficient and reliable transfer of biological materials. This technology is clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) capable and includes disposable solutions that increase flexibility, reduce downtime, eliminate the costs associated with cleaning validation and decrease cross-contamination risks.

Almatec® BIOCOR Series AODD Pumps incorporate a variety of design enhancements that provide the performance, reliability and accuracy needed to transfer the most critical medicines, biologics and therapeutics while meeting the strict standards, regulations and operational requirements that govern this industry. BIOCOR pumps are equipped with the patented PERSWING P® Air-Control System and feature superior containment and CIP and SIP capabilities.

Whether for use in upstream or downstream applications on a laboratory or industrial scale, the em-tec BioProTT™ product range provides optimum solutions for contact-free as well as inline ultrasonic flow-measurement systems in the bioprocessing sector that require reliable and precise flow measurement in accordance with strict hygienic requirements.

The leading manufacturer of high-precision single-use Coriolis Mass Flow Meters, Malema has developed a range of solutions, including control valves and pulsation dampeners, that deliver superior flow measurement and accuracy while improving manufacturing techniques in various bioprocessing applications, including chromatography, tangential flow filtration (TFF) and bulk fluid transfer.

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