Almatec Diaphragms

Diaphragms used for Almatec AODD Pumps

The surface of an Almatec® diaphragm is smooth and not interrupted by any seals. Due to their integrated metal core, they do not require diaphragm discs that can frequently result in leaks and attract dirt. Produced in priming position, these diaphragms simplify assembly and almost completely eliminate the dead space on the air side since the inner side of the diaphragms rests against the central housing in the limit position, thus optimizing efficiency and reducing air consumption.

Since the medium is displaced and delivered by compressed air, the diaphragms merely serve as barriers and are not pressurized. This is a fact of decisive importance for the service life of the diaphragms.

Almatec diaphragms have always been designed from the "PTFE" point of view. This results in a diaphragm that has a large diameter and short stroke with low flexural load. This ensures uniform delivery regardless of the material used for the diaphragm's construction.

Almatec diaphragms are available in the following materials:


  • EPDM
  • PTFE/EPDM compound
  • PTFE modified/EPDM compound
  • NBR
  • ATEX variations

For the pumps of the series FUTUR specially developed diaphragms made of PTFE are available.