Start Your Pump Search With the CHOICE™ Online Pump Selection Tool

by PSG | Dec 17, 2020

Having choices is generally considered a good thing, except when you have so many choices that you can become intimidated by the array of selections presented to you. In this case, the breadth of choices can make identifying the best option a challenge, and when it comes to pumps, you want to make a selection that is optimal for your application.

As a globally recognized and respected developer of plastic and metal air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump technologies, Almatec®, a product brand of PSG®, has created a full portfolio of products. While this allows Almatec to service a wide-ranging client base in industries as diverse as food and beverage, chemical, biopharmaceutical and semiconductor, it can present challenges when those clients are looking for the pump that fits their critical liquid-handling applications.

To ease the choice conundrum, Almatec has begun offering the CHOICE™ Online Pump Selection Tool. This password-protected link, which is accessible from the Almatec home page, has been designed to assist existing clients and potential new pump buyers in identifying the perfect piece of equipment for their specific liquid-handling applications.

Although not a substitute for engineering, the CHOICE Selection Tool features a complete set of configuration parameters that are accessible via easy-to-navigate dropdown menus that the visitor can use to essentially “build” the best pump for the application. These parameters include:

  • Liquid name
  • Liquid type
    • Temperature
    • Viscosity
    • Liquid kind (acid, caustic, solvent, etc.)
  • Flow rate in L/Hr, gph or m3
    • Minimum flow required
  • System pressure
  • Pump series
  • Pump model
  • Pump type
  • Wetted-path material
  • Diaphragm material

In addition to selecting basic operational parameters, the visitor will also be able to request any in a series of add-ons and special items that are available, if needed. These include things like the type of mounting enclosure, pressure relief valves, a stroke controller and calibration columns. The system also allows the user to search for specific parts by both part number and part description, which also simplifies the process of identifying the best components for the application.

When all of the pump parameters, add-ons and special items are chosen and the user clicks the “Apply” button, a unique description string will be created that shows, on a single page, the pump model and all of its specific characteristics. This also lets Almatec customer-service personnel know which collateral material, such as data sheets and Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) manuals, to include when the pump is shipped to the user.

This simple and easy pump-identification and ordering process takes the challenge out of having too many choices. The ultimate result is that the client gains peace of mind in knowing the pump that has been ordered supports the application’s unique needs, while a satisfied and contented customer has a better chance of becoming a repeat customer for Almatec. To register for the service, site visitors can click on the CHOICE™ Online Pump Selection Tool link in the upper-right corner of the home page on the Almatec website.