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For more than 30 years,

em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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Learn More About the Role of em-tec MEDICAL Products in an Organ Transport System

Organ Transport

1. Contribution

Organ perfusion system chart 
Organ perfusion systems can contribute significantly to the quality and condition of donor organs during transport.

Essential to this process is reliable flow measurement.

2. Experience

SkyLark gold Icon_verified
With decades of expertise as a medical OEM supplier and manufacturer, em-tec offers reliable flow measurement solutions for the integration into medical devices.

em-tec MEDICAL products can measure volumetric flow rates and detect air in line – depending on variant.

They are designed for the integration into medical devices, and customizable.

3. Products

In combination, the SonoTT™ SkyLark evaluation electronic and a corresponding SonoTT™ Clamp-On SL sensor ensure a reliable flow measurement function.

SonoTT™ SkyLark Series Graphic
The SonoTT™ SkyLark can be adjusted to customer specific requirements such as output rates, interfaces, or bubble sensitivity.

SonoTT™ Clamp-On SL Graphic
SonoTT™ Clamp-On SL sensors are available for all common medical tube sizes and materials and customizable due to cable length, lid print, or flow range as well.