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How the SonoTT™ aQuila System Can Benefit Your Medical Flow Measurement Application

1. Introduction

The independent Class Im SonoTT™ aQuila System measures and displays the volumetric flow rates in extracorporeal tubing circuits.

Together with up to two compatible sensors, it provides additional safety during various medical applications.

Aquila Device and Sensor

2. Experience

Enabling additional flow measurement in extracorporeal, clinical applications, the SonoTT™ aQuila System helps detect changes in the flow rate and adds to the quality assurance of the clinic and to the documentation of treatments.

Grief Arm Monitor

3. Application:
Heart-Lung Machine (HLM)

HLMs assume the functions of the heart and/or lungs during certain medical procedures. With the number of flow sensors being limited for most HLMs, the SonoTT™ aQuila System provides additional flow measurement and can increase safety for patients and physicians alike.

Aquila OP 

4. Application: ECMO

ECMO devices take over the function of the heart and/or lungs when they are unable to work in a life-sustaining manner. They do so for a long time, with the treatment sometimes lasting weeks or months. With the SonoTT™ aQuila System, it is possible to measure the flow on all relevant access points rather than just the one that standard ECMO devices can cover.

Application ECMO

5. Applications:
Dialysis & Apheresis

During both dialysis and apheresis treatments, the blood is filtered of unwanted components. Yet, while blood flow plays a big role in both of those applications, a flow measurement solution is not usually part of them. With the the SonoTT™ aQuila System and the flow values it provides, flow rates can be documented and the overall treatment can be evaluated.

Dialysis & Apheresis

6. Benefits

The SonoTT™ aQuila System can be used whenever blood flow plays a role and provides the following benefits:

  • Additional flow measurement for more safety
  • Helps to detect possible issues earlier
  • Visualizes the current flow rates
  • Data can be recorded and exported to the patient file