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Independent Measurement of Blood Flow in Extracorporeal Clinical Applications

The SonoTT™ aQuila System is a stand-alone MDR Class I Medical Device, and has been designed to enrich the safety and quality of flow-measurement applications during different medical treatments, such as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), the use of a heart-lung machine (HLM), apheresis, (hemo)dialysis, and distal perfusion.

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The Right Choice for Extracorporeal Applications

The next generation of independent flow measurement. em-tec’s SonoTT™ aQuila System enables additional flow measurement in clinical extracorporeal applications. 

In particular, the features of the SonoTT™ aQuila System allow:

  • Early detection of complications or anomalies that may occur during an extracorporeal procedure, such as clogged filters, inadequate blood flow, etc.
  • Quicker detection of changes in the current flow rate that may indicate the deterioration of the circulation condition.
  • Recording of blood flow measurements that can be transferred to an electronic patient file for easy access to detailed patient documentation.

Due to a large portfolio of different sensor sizes, the SonoTT™ aQuila System can be used in various applications in which extracorporeal blood flow plays a role. This enables flexible and reliable measurement.

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