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em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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Learn More About the Accuracy Parameters for Each SonoTT™ Clamp-On Transducer


1. For a non-invasive flow measurement, the sensor of the SonoTT™ FlowMeasurement System is clamped onto the tube.
SonoTT Clamp On Transducer

2. For best measurement results, check the correct sensor position on the tube.

Sensor Inlet Section_MEDICAL

3. For the highest possible accuracy, respect the parameters the sensor has been adjusted and calibrated for:

  • Medium type
  • Medium temperature
  • Tube size
  • Tube material
  • Flow range

4. For a high signal quality, keep the acoustic measurement principle of the system in mind. The acoustic coupling rate is displayed as % and should always exceed 50%.

Acoustic Coupling side-by-side

5. Before each measurement, carry out a zero flow adjustment to level existing offset. While doing so, ensure that the liquid does not move.


6. Made for long-term use, our system needs very little maintenance. Nevertheless, to maintain the accuracy, please regularly carry out the following:

  • Visual checks for damages
  • Cleaning the system using the recommended detergents
  • Recalibrations and safety checks every 24 months

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