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For more than 30 years,

em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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About em-tec

30 Years of Flow Measurement, 30 Years of Enthusiasm, EXPERTISE, AND QUALITY

For over 30 years, em-tec has been developing and manufacturing innovative and economical products and customer-specific solutions on-site in Finning, Germany. The main focus so far has been on life-sustaining devices, especially in the field of heart surgery or cardiac support systems. One of the core competences is the non-invasive flow measurement using the ultrasonic transit time method. Based on this technology, em-tec offers products and components for medical and non-medical applications such as cardiac or vascular surgery, for applications in laboratories, for bio processes or other industrial applications that use flexible tubes.

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Our Mission

em-tec strives to give an impetus in the growing market of bioprocessing technology, to consolidate its position as world market leader in the field of non-invasive medical flow measurement technology, and to open up new potential through expertise in the development of new, innovative products with a focus on implantable and extracorporeal components for VAD and TET systems.

We are committed to constant innovation in our product portfolio as well as to customer orientation and the passion we have for our products and for what we do every day. We define ourself by setting standards in the safety, performance and quality of our products and processes.
Over 30 years in the market make us a reliable, long-standing and trusted solution partner.

Our Vision

Our corporate culture is based on values that are characterized by passion, fairness and team spirit. We value the experience and knowledge of our employees as a source of inspiration and innovation. Goal- and solution-oriented processes and action are the basic prerequisite for our daily work and communication.

Throwback and Prospect: 30 Years Passion for Flow

1989 - It all started with profound knowledge

The small engineering office Werner Heinze becomes the em-tec GmbH. Through decisive developments for a medical device manufacturer of heart-lung machines, the highly professional company makes a name for itself. To this day, the so-called HL 20 is considered the standard within the field.

1990s - Development, establishment and achievements

em-tec accompanies numerous new developments within medical technology with the main focus on heart-lung machines. em-tec's centrifugal blood pump receives FDA approval and is produced to this day. The company is rated as expert for ultrasonic technologies and introduces a certified QM system with experience in regard to the approval of medical products.

2000s - From supplier to manufacturer within the medical market

A new chapter begins: based on the many years of experience with ultrasonic flow measurement, em-tec develops numerous own products and components for flow measurement by the means of sensor technology, which is still successfully merchandized.

2010s - En route to the top

The product portfolio in the field of non-invasive flow measurement continues to grow due to innovative developments. em-tec establishes itself as world market leader for flow measurement within extracorporeal systems.

2020s - Growth for the future

To satisfy the needs and demands of the order situation as well as the new corporate structure with its three divisions MEDICAL, BIOPROCESSING, and ENGINEERING, the company needs both manpower as well as more space for production. Consequently, em-tec GmbH will move into its new, state-of-the-art building with space for up to 150 people in 2020.