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All-Flo pumps have been built to last and performance engineered to provide reliable operation and trouble-free service under the toughest conditions.

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All-Flo Solves Challenging Applications with Simple Solutions

All-Flo positive displacement air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump solutions are the reliable and efficient choice for an array of industries and applications.

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All-Flo AODD Pump Chemical Compatibility Chart

Our chemical tool is intended for guidance only. Please verify material compatibility with process fluids prior to use. By using this tool, you agree to our terms and conditions. All temperature limitations are in degrees Fahrenheit.


  • A: Most Compatible;
  • B: Minor Effect;
  • C: Severe Effect;
  • D: Not Compatible;
  • –: Unknown

The accuracy of these ratings cannot be guaranteed.


Terms and Conditions

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