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How to Effectively Use the CHOICE™ Online Pump Selection Tool

by PSG | oct. 14, 2020

Imagine buying a car, knowing in general what you want, but then having to specifically select what type of motor it will have, along with various other components, such as the steering wheel, oil filters, windshield wipers and upholstery. Doesn’t sound very efficient – or fun.

In fact, car shopping like that – or, really, shopping for any complex item like, for instance, a computer or refrigerator – would take a level of expertise that the general public just does not possess.

The same is the case for industrial pumps. Sure, the operator may know that he needs a hygienic-grade eccentric disc pump to transfer salsa or fruit juice, or a peristaltic (hose) pump to remove a particulate-laden slurry from a mine shaft, but he likely isn’t sure which specific pump model is best for the job.

To ease this search for “the one,” Mouvex® is now offering their clients access to the CHOICE™ Online Pump Selection Tool. This password-protected portal has been designed to assist potential pump purchasers in identifying the best piece of equipment for their specific liquid-handling applications.

The configuration parameters that the user can select from are accessible via easy-to-use dropdown menus and include:

  • Liquid type
    • Temperature
    • Viscosity
  • Flow rate in L/Hr, gph or m3
    • Minimum flow required
  • System pressure
  • Pump series
  • Pump model
  • Pump type
  • Wetted-path material
  • Motor speed
  • Base plate material

The buyer will also be able to choose to ask for, if needed, a series of add-ons and special items. These include things like the type of heating jacket, Bellow monitoring system, and CTP Probes. The system also allows the user to search for specific parts by both part number and part description, which also makes it easier to identify the right components for the application.

When all of the pump parameters, add-ons and special items are selected and the user clicks the “Apply” button, a description string will be created that lets the user know, at a glance, the pump model and all of its specific characteristics. This will also let the pump provider know which collateral material, such as data sheets and Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) manuals, to include when the pump is shipped to the user. Finally, a total purchase price will be generated.

A purchase process that is simple and easy creates a win-win situation: buyers are given the peace of mind that comes with knowing that what they have bought is right for their needs, while a happy, contented customer is typically a repeat customer for the provider. The new CHOICE Online Pump Selection Tool helps accomplish both tasks: create happy customers for a pump provider who will be viewed as a trusted partner and resource.