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Learn More About the Importance and Influence of the Calibration Factor on Flow Measurement Results


1. If your application parameters deviate from the parameters your sensor was adjusted and calibrated for, it is possible to set a calibration factor.

2. This factor adjusts the measured flow by a linear factor and can help increase the accuracy of your flow measurement.
Calibration Factor_Influence of the Calibration Factor

3. There are several methods to determine the calibration factor; among them are:

3a. The use of scales


3b. The use of a Coriolis flow meter


3c. The measurement of volume over time

Calibration Factor_Volume over Time

4. Once the calibration factor has been determined, it can be set on the transmitter. For the BioProTT™ FlowTrack plus, this can be done directly on the device using the display. For the BioProTT™ FlowMCP, the calibration factor can be set using the web interface.