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For more than 30 years,

em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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Flow Measurement on a Laboratory Scale

Liquid-bearing systems are part of numerous laboratory processes. Reliable monitoring and control of media or buffer additions are therefore essential in the early phase of cell cultivation or scale-up.

With its BioProTT™ Flow Measurement System (flow meter and corresponding sensor), em-tec offers a reliable system for the independent monitoring and control of flow rates under strict, laboratory requirements.

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BioProTT FlowTrack SL for BioProcessing Sensor Systems and Laboratory Scale

Compact benchtop device for flow measurement applications on a lab scale.

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Ultrasonic flow sensor for highly accurate flow measurement.