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For more than 30 years,

em-tec has been at the forefront of flow measurement technology, developing state-of-the-art and solution-oriented flow meters for the medical and bioprocessing markets. Learn more about our markets and applications using the cards below.

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Flow Measurement for Industrial Applications

Industrial and GMP-oriented bioprocesses require a large degree of automation as well as strict hygienic standards for the reliable measurement of flow rates at many different stages within the processes.

em-tec's multi-channel platform BioProTT™ FlowMCP is ideal for multiple and simultaneous flow measurement. Depending on the version, the system measures and monitors up to four flow channels at the same time. It also provides - depending on the variant - different interface options for more flexibility and convenience during the integration.

Every BioProTT™ FlowMCP works in combination with a BioProTT™ Clamp-On SL.

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BioProTT FlowMCP

Multi-channel flow measurement device with focus on single use applications.

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Ultrasonic sensor for non-invasive flow measurement.