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Low Risk, High Reward

by PSG | Dez 01, 2017

By Christophe Jovani

Quick Facts
Company: Cab’s Industries
Location: Brie-Comte-Robert, France
Market: Truck Transport
Challenge: OEM for liquid and dry-bulk transport trucks used in the delivery of raw materials and finished products in European markets
Solution: Mouvex® B200 Series Screw Compressors; Enterprise Series Vane Compressors, CC8 Series Rotary Vane Pumps; Hydrive® Series Hydraulic Coolers; and CC20 Series Eccentric Disc Pumps

A quick glance at the curriculum vitae of Philippe Cabrillon shows a compilation of life experiences and interests that would appear to make him a candidate to play the lead role in Dos Equis’ iconic “Most Interesting Man In The World” ad campaign: the humanities, stars, jazz, photography, quantum mechanics, cars and motorcycles.

But that’s not all. Since 1986, Cabrillon has been the CEO of Cab’s Industries. Based in Brie-Comte-Robert, France, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) southeast of Paris, Cab’s Industries is an OEM for transport trucks that are used in the delivery of liquid and dry-bulk raw materials and finished food, chemical and petroleum products in France.

Cab’s Industries has built its reputation as the No. 1 OEM for transport trucks in France by making a committed investment in the success of its clients, which include many of the most well-known truck manufacturers on the continent. With that in mind, Cab’s Industries stocks all of its 12 facilities in France with equipment that has been designed to ensure safe, reliable and efficient product transfer, whether the vehicle has been on the road for a decade, or is fresh off the assembly line. Cab’s Industries also employs personnel that has been specially trained by the manufacturers of the equipment. Fully equipped test benches are deployed for the process of inspecting new or repaired equipment.

“We know the market because we are in front of our customers,” explained Philippe Maisonneuve, the General Manager and Sales Manager for Cab’s Industries. “We hear what they tell us and work hard to meet their needs.”

Make Mine Mouvex®
Two of the more crucial pieces of equipment that are found on transport trucks are the pumps and compressors that are used to facilitate the critically important tasks of loading and unloading the vehicles. In this instance, Cabrillon – who, as we have seen, is an unabashed admirer of the go-where-the-mood-takes-you stylings of free-form jazz – takes the opposite tack. In fact, he is quite rigid in his thinking: Cab’s Industries recommends, first and foremost, Mouvex® pumps and compressors to its customers.

Founded in 1906, Mouvex is headquartered in Auxerre, France, and is a product brand of PSG®, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA, a Dover company. Importantly, Mouvex is a highly regarded manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors, hydraulic coolers and vane compressors for use in the refined-fuels, oilfield, energy, food/sanitary, military, transport and chemical-process industries.

“Mouvex is our partner, and an internationally recognized company known for the quality of its equipment for more than 100 years,” said Maisonneuve. “Mouvex is a pump and compressor expert, and Cab’s is a transportation expert, so that’s the reason why we are very complementary with each other.

“We know Mouvex’s product range – and it’s a nice range,” Maisonneuve continued. “Mouvex has nearly all of the products we need, while some of their competitors have only bulk products, or some have only liquid pumps. Mouvex has all of the products – bulk compressors, pumps for hydrocarbons, pumps for chemicals, compressors for chemicals, hydraulic coolers. It’s a nice range with very good products. They are also compact in design and lightweight, which helps us comply with strict Euro6 regulations regarding transport size and weight.”

The Full Range
The Mouvex compressor model that Cab’s Industries puts on the most trucks is the B200 Flow Control Series Screw Compressor. The B200 is able to meet customer demands because it is compatible with all truck models and configurations, and can be mounted to the vehicle through the power takeoff (PTO) with no prop or drive shaft required. The compressor is lightweight, easy to maintain and has an optimized flow path that lowers unloading times, with the availability of a flow-control check-and-relief valve (CRV) that helps to produce more consistent flow rates. All of the B200’s exterior components, including flanges and relief valve, are stainless steel for added protection against corrosion. If needed, the B200 can be fitted with a silencer if noise is an issue for the driver or his customers.

These features, along with its oil-free operation, make the B200 ideal for the transfer of a wide range of liquid products. The stainless-steel design also makes the B200 a viable option for the transfer of corrosive liquid chemicals and solvents. The B200 can reach a wide range of flow rates up to 180 m3/h (793 gpm) at discharge pressures up to 2.5 bar (36 psig).

“We are selling more and more B200s because the customers know the benefits that come with buying a B200,” said Maisonneuve. “They save time because unloading is quicker, with low or zero maintenance and no spare parts to stock. That’s the reason we are selling more and more of the B200 product.”

If necessary, Cab’s Industries does recommend an alternative solution to the B200: Mouvex’s Enterprise Series Vane Compressors for use in the discharge of fluid commodities that can be problematic for transfer pumps. The body and rotor of the Enterprise vane compressors are constructed of hard-coated cast iron that gives them the ability to withstand harsh operating conditions. They also feature an anti-corrosion coating on the compressor and CRV, along with stainless-steel flanges. They are easy to disassemble and reassemble, while the blade can be inspected without it needing to be removed from the compressor. Flow rates range from 59 to 173 m3 /h (260 to 762 gpm) at maximum discharge pressures of 2.5 bar (36 psig).

On the pump side of the equation, Cab’s Industries’ top seller is the CC8 Series Rotary Vane Pump. Available to the transport-truck market for more than a decade, the CC8 has a proven design and method of operation that is perfect for the transfer and handling of petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, heavy oil, bitumen and biodiesel. The CC8 features compact size that is compatible with most truck-mounting configurations, quiet operation, a double-ended shaft that enables mounting in either direction depending on the preferred pump rotation, an integrated bypass valve, and ATEX certification that allows it to be used in explosive atmospheres.

“I think the CC8 is the best pump on the market because it has good flow, up to 60 to 65 cubic meters per hour (264 to 286 gpm) in most cases, and it can also go to 8 bars (116 psi) of pressure,” said Maisonneuve. “I think the CC8 has more than 80% of the French market, and it is also known in England and in Germany and in other countries because it’s a very good product.”

Mouvex Hydrive® Hydraulic Coolers are designed to perform three functions on the transport truck – protect the oil tank and oil cooler from excessive heat and act as a security relief valve. A low-noise centrifugal fan allows high levels of heat dissipation, from 13.5 horsepower (10 kilowatts) to 26 hp (20 kW). The compact design of the Hydrive enables easy installation on transports that may have minimal chassis space. Hydrive hydraulic coolers are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel that can withstand harsh conditions and operating environments. The unit is equipped with a small hydraulic oil reservoir that reduces oil-spill risks, while an easy-to-read gauge indicates when the spin-on oil filter needs to be changed out.

Over 30 years of operation, Cab’s Industries has successfully built a leading reputation in the transport-truck market by putting the considerations of the customer at the forefront of its business model. Helping Cab’s Industries attain this exalted status has been Mouvex. Because of the reliable, safe and cost-effective operation of Mouvex compressors, pumps and other truck components, the company has become a first-choice solution among its extensive European customer base.

“At Cab’s Industries, we try to create a total solution for our customers,” said Maisonneuve. “In our business, reputation is very important, and we have worked very hard to build ours. That’s why we use Mouvex – we know we will have no risks to our reputation by using Mouvex products.”

About the Author:
Christophe Jovani is the EMEA Marketing Communications Manager for Mouvex® and PSG® and can be reached at or +33 386 498 681. Auxerre, France-based Mouvex was incorporated in 1906 and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers for use in the refined-fuels, oilfield, energy, food/sanitary, military, transport and chemical-process industries, and is a product brand of PSG, a Dover company. Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA, PSG is comprised of several leading pump brands, including Abaque®, Almatec®, Blackmer®, Ebsray®, EnviroGear®, Griswold, Mouvex®, Neptune, Quattroflow, RedScrew and Wilden®. For more information on Mouvex or PSG, please go to or

In its 30-plus years of operation, Cab’s Industries has built a reputation as one of the leading OEMs for liquid and dry-bulk transport trucks in France. This reputation has been buttressed through the use of screw compressors, rotary vane pumps, hydraulic coolers and vane compressors from Mouvex®. “In our business, reputation is very important,” says Philippe Maisonneuve, General Manager and Sales Manager for Cab’s Industries. “That’s why we use Mouvex – we know we will have no risk to our reputation by using Mouvex.”

In addition to their many operational benefits, ease of installation and maintenance is a major reason that Mouvex® Hydrive® Series Hydraulic Coolers are recommended most often by Cab’s Industries to its customers.

Since 1986, Cab’s Industries has been outfitting the rolling stock of some of the most well-known vehicle manufacturers in France’s transport-truck market with Mouvex® pumps and compressors.

Mouvex® CC20 Series Eccentric Disc Pumps meet the needs of the European liquid and dry-bulk transport-truck market because their design and operation are perfect for the loading and unloading of a wide range of petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heating oil, heavy oil, bitumen and biodiesel.

Mouvex® Enterprise Series Vane Compressors (left) and Hydrive® Hydraulic Coolers are ancillary equipment options that can be utilized when transport-truck loading and unloading activities need further optimization.