Safe Handling of Measurement and Patient Data

by PSG | Feb 07, 2022
Improved software optimizes both the stability of the measurement function and the gathering and protection of patient data during the dialysis treatment.

Finning, Germany, February 2022

For over three decades, the medical engineering company em-tec GmbH has served as manufacturer and development partner for ultrasound-based flow measurement systems used on life-sustaining medical devices.

Together with Healthcare Germany AG, the analysis device for dialysis shunts NephroFlow™ was developed and has been successfully used for years.

With the NephroFlow™, parameters such as the actual blood flow, the shunt recirculation, and the access flow can be safely, quickly, and accurately measured during a running hemodialysis treatment. Usually, these measurements are carried out in intervals of several weeks. The gathered data then lets doctors analyze the condition of the shunt and, if necessary, intervene. The measurement is carried out with the ultrasound dilution technology which is based on a non-invasive flow measurement. During the flow measurement, a small saline bolus is added, a method that saves both time and costs compared to other measurement procedures.

The NephroFlow™ uses em-tec’s established measurement principle and provides essential information throughout the running treatment process. Displayed on the 15” monitor of the NephroFlow™, the data can be easily analyzed. For documentation purposes, it is also possible to transfer the data to a PC. Additionally, the user-friendly and intuitive design ensure that the device is ideally suited for the use within dialysis units or clinics.

Next to the reliable gathering of measurement values, the safe handling of patient data plays an important role as well. Healthcare Germany AG and em-tec GmbH have therefore optimized the established software of the NephroFlow™.

The necessary measurement data of patients is captured, which can lead to an improvement of the treatment and a reduction in costs. An additional password protection alongside already existing security and technical measures also helps to protect personal information from accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, disclosure, or access.

Christian Steer, product manager at em-tec explains: „We are happy that our cooperation was able to optimize the established system with a software update that offers more functionalities in a secured environment for the benefit of patients’ safety and doctors alike.“

About em-tec:

em-tec has been an expert for flow measurement solutions in the medical and bioprocessing technology sector for over 30 years. The company’s core competence is the non-invasive flow measurement using the ultrasonic transit time method. em-tec products are mainly used for critical applications in tubing systems of life-sustaining medical devices as well as in biopharma applications with strict hygienic requirements. The company is known for excellent engineering competence and on-site manufacturing in Germany. With a high level of customer service and long-term experience in quality management and regulatory affairs, em-tec is an established and trusted partner.

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About PSG®:

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