New ADX Series Brings Simplified Maintenance and Much More to the Almatec® Lineup

by PSG | Okt 06, 2020

Almatec® recently added ADX Series Stainless-Steel Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps to its collection. The new ADX Series was developed for industrial applications and will replace legacy Almatec CHEMICOR Series pumps.

Almatec_ADX20-conductive Simplified Maintenance, Increased Safety

The new ADX Series incorporates several design enhancements – such as redesigned valve stops – that provide simplified maintenance and improved cleaning, considerably decreasing downtime.

Almatec always keeps safety top-of-mind, and the ADX Series is no different. The new valve stops and the incorporation of new sealing both improve safety. Safety features continue within the ADX Series with the bi-directional diaphragm clamping. This clamping creates optimum sealing and performance due to the leak-preventing interaction between the diaphragm geometry and housing clamping area.


The ADX Series also includes first-rate standard features: easy startup, rotating suction and discharge ports, gentle displacement, dry-running and self-priming operation, no diaphragm discs, and Almatec’s patented maintenance-free PERSWING P® air-control system.

The ADX Series is engineered to meet the mass required for an oscillating pump. The wetted housing parts are constructed from precision-casted stainless-steel and the non-wetted air-control system is available in three different plastic materials (polyamide, conductive polyamide and conductive polyethylene). The various materials provide the solution for diverse applications and temperatures. This new series also offers multiple monitoring systems, such as stroke counting, a diaphragm sensor and barrier chamber system.

Free-rotating suction and discharge ports, a new flange option (DIN and ANSI) and connection options (sanitary threads, Tri-Clamp, open-butt welding) are also offered by the ADX Series. The flange is welded in a compact design and in a defined position.


The ADX Series is currently available in ADX20 (3/4”) and ADX25 (1”) sizes, including two variations of each sizes that meet ATEX requirements. Both sizes are identical in construction and design but come equipped with different suction and discharge ports. Almatec is currently developing additional sizes.

The existing features and the wide array of new enhancements have considerably raised the bar for AODD pumps in industrial applications. When the stakes are high, opt for Almatec’s new ADX Series Stainless-Steel AODD Pumps. Experience the benefits of the ADX Series with decreased maintenance, increased safety and premier, industry-leading features.