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Blackmer® Releases New Product Brochures

by PSG | Mar 23, 2022

Grand Rapids, MI – March 23, 2022Blackmer®, a brand of PSG®, a Dover company, and the leading global provider of sliding vane, gear, regenerative turbine and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gases, is pleased to announce the release of several new product brochures. Featuring product specifications, application highlights, installation tips and more, the release of these new marketing materials coincides with the establishment of the PSG Rotating Equipment Center of Excellence as well as the consolidation of all Grand Rapids-based PSG brands under the Blackmer name.

Blackmer has created these new brochures to assist in educating distributors and customers about its wide range of products and their performance in various applications and industries. It is our hope that these informative resources will support current and future Blackmer operators. 

The new brochures highlight Blackmer vane, regenerative turbine, centrifugal, internal gear and compressor technologies. Specifically, the following information is highlighted in these new brochures:

  • Blackmer Brand Portfolio - This educational tool provides information regarding the Blackmer 118-year history of innovative solutions, expanding upon the brand’s unique position within the newly formed PSG Rotating Equipment Center of Excellence. The brochure also highlights all Blackmer product offerings, markets, training opportunities, and more.

  • Blackmer Vane Product Brochures:

    • TLGLF Vane Pumps & Bypass Valves - This resource is centered around TLGLF Sliding Vane Pumps, and the use of these LPG-truck pumps for mobile applications. This brochure also includes the brand new TLGLF3HD Vane Truck Pump.

    • LGL 2 - 4" - This product brochure covers LGL 2-4 Sliding Vane Pumps and how these pumps are ideally suited for use in bulk plants, terminals and truck systems. 

    • LGL 1.25 & 1.5 - Motor speed LPG sliding vane pumps, for multiple bottles and larger cylinder filling.

    • LG1 - 1" sized motor speed LPG sliding vane pumps ideal for LPG dispensers.

    • BV Bypass Valves - For use with LGL Series Vane Pump, BV Bypass Valves provide primary pressure control and are designed to maximize the dispensed flow rate of the overall system.

    • TX Series - This brochure focuses on the TX Series of Sliding Vane Truck Pumps, providing an overview of construction, size, design features and performance data.

    • MAGNES Series - Providing in-depth information about MAGNES Series Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pumps, this product brochure describes the technology and its benefits, as well as the pain points it resolves.

    • HXL Series - This informative brochure for the HXL Series shares the features, advantages and product specs of these heavy-duty, large-volume vane pumps.

    • ML Series - This brochure highlights the features and benefits the ML Series of heavy-duty modular sliding vane pumps, a flexible transfer solution for heavy-duty applications. 

    • GNX Series - The GNX Series product brochure details the features and performance capabilities of the alignment-free reduced-speed heavy-duty sliding vane pumps.

    • Hand Pumps - The Blackmer Sliding Vane Hand Pump is still used to do small transfers from barrels and totes, see what options and configurations are available with this brochure.

    • STX Series - Covering both STX & STX-DEF models, this one brochure offers insights on this stainless steel truck pump.

    • SNP Series - Read more on our stainless steel vane pump, and its many sized pump offerings.

    • X Series - Robust general duty vane pump available in four sizes.

    • XL Series - Lined general industrial vane pump, available in five sizes.

    • NP Series - Versatile fluid processing and transfer vane pump, with many different sealing options, and other optional materials.
  • Blackmer Regenerative Turbine Product Brochure:

    • RC Series - The Blackmer RC Series includes the RC20, RC25 & RC40, all of which are featured in this product brochure alongside their respective model specs.

  • Blackmer Centrifugal Product Brochures:

    • Centrifugal Pumps Technical Reference Catalog - This technical reference catalog includes detailed information about Blackmer Centrifugal Pumps and their respective product specs, technological advantages, performance curves and more.

    • Centrifugal Pumps - This centrifugal pump product brochure focuses on key differentiators, features and the pain points resolved by Blackmer Centrifugal Technology.

  • Blackmer Gear Product Brochures:

    • E Series - This product brochure highlights E Series Magnetically Coupled Seal-less Internal Gear Pumps, providing an overview of the design and potential applications.

    • G Series - Featuring Blackmer G Series Internal Gear Pumps, this brochure shares product features and benefits, as well as technical data.

    • V Series - The Blackmer V Series brochure details the features and capabilities of this specialty internal gear pump, designed to handle applications like asphalt transfer.

  • Blackmer Compressors Product Brochures:

    • LB Series Compressors - This brochure covers Blackmer LB Series Compressors built for LPG, showcasing how the reciprocating gas compressors support liquid transfer and vapor recovery. 

    • HD Series Compressors - This product brochure features HD Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors designed for industrial gases, highlighting the various models, options and applications available within the series.

For more information, please access these new brochures in the Blackmer Download Library.