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New Blackmer+ App Simplifies and Enhances Your Blackmer Experience

by PSG | Jan 28, 2021
Blackmer Plus App Logo

Blackmer® has launched the new Blackmer+ app to provide an enhanced experience for users of our pumps and compressors. Available now for free on iOS and Android-powered smartphones and tablets, the app can help in saving time and money by offering timely support and assistance with efficient maintenance management for Blackmer equipment.

blackmer+With this app, you no longer have to spend extra time diagnosing and keeping up with your Blackmer pump or compressor issues. Multiple user-friendly dashboards allow you to upload your products, keep track of them, get instant access to their information, view all of their related documents and schedule maintenance. Blackmer+ is not only able to streamline and connect your maintenance experience, but it can also provide lower operational costs and improve overall process efficiency.

This new resource for Blackmer puts your equipment inventory in the palm of your hand. Here are a few of the primary tools available to you via Blackmer+:

  • One-click registration of any Blackmer pump or compressor by simply scanning or entering a serial number. Easily register your entire Blackmer fleet.
  • Connect directly to the Blackmer factory support by automatically providing equipment details – model, size, ship date – in order to get your questions and issues resolved quicker.
  • Manage maintenance intervals for Blackmer equipment with calendar reminders and the ability to send email reminders to colleagues.
  • Instant access to Blackmer product documentation, including IOMs, parts lists, specifications, performance curves and more.
  • Create your own notes for each piece of Blackmer equipment in your inventory.
  • Document the location, date of maintenance or repair and any other information.

Blackmer is dedicated to providing our customers with the leading-edge productivity tools they need to succeed, enhance and simplify their operations, and with the Blackmer+ app they can do just that and more.

Learn more about the Blackmer+ app at