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MAGNES Solves – Fluids with Solids

by PSG | Nov 23, 2020

20-BLKM-1960 Fluids with Solids Blog Post_Clogged Strainer All transfer and process pumps are tasked with handling some percentage of suspended solids, but not all pumps are up to this challenge. Weld slag, rust and sand are just a few examples of solids that can disrupt fluid flow in lesser pumps.

There are three prominent potential hazards of pumping solid-laden liquids:

  • The rotation of a pump’s internal components throw solids against the pump casing and other internal components as the liquid moves through the pump. Pumps with high internal flow velocities, such as centrifugal, experience accelerated wear as particles erode surfaces at exponentially higher speeds. The result can be pitting and premature wear of the pump’s casing and internal components.
  • Some pumps have contracting flow paths that cause grinding and binding of suspended particulate. A gear pump’s meshing teeth quickly wear when solids are introduced, resulting in depreciating performance and eventual failure.
  • Suspended solids tend to “clump” together, especially in internal areas with narrow clearances or dead spaces. This can cause the pump to “freeze” and cease operating, with associated costs for repair and system downtime.

To prevent these costly damages, facility managers working with particulate-laden liquids should consider upgrading to a more reliable pump technology. Where premature wear and indiscriminate disruptions to operation are unacceptable compromises, Blackmer® has introduced a longer lasting solution.Blackmer® has introduced a longer lasting solution.

MAGNES Series Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pumps are well-equipped to handle suspended solids. These positive displacement (PD) sliding vane pumps offer low internal flow velocities and wide-open flow paths to accommodate liquid transfer with suspended solids of up to 1/8-inch (3.7 mm) in size in concentrations of upwards of 20%.

While operating at a speed of just 400 rpm, MAGNES generates the same pressures and flow rates of other pumps that operate at 3,600 rpm, without violent movement of suspended particles. As a true self-priming pump, MAGNES is also well-suited for continuous-duty operation, during which it can run dry, pull a vacuum, strip lines and create suction lift that exceeds 25 feet (7.6 meters). The lack of any dynamic seals around the pump’s moving parts makes it ideal for use with difficult-to-seal liquids that are too valuable, dangerous or hazardous to leak.

Solve issues related to pumping fluids with solids, while staying leak-free with the solids handling ability of MAGNES, the Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pump. Learn more about MAGNES at