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As the demand for biologically derived drugs continues to grow, so does the demand for pumping technologies that can adequately and reliably transfer precise micro-volumes of high-value, shear-sensitive biopharmaceutical ingredients and finished end products. To that end, PSG® Biotech has begun developing the new QB Series Single-Use Microdosing Pumps through its Quattroflow® product brand.

The QB Series models – all of which will operate on the positive displacement principle where fixed cavities of liquid are transferred from inlet to outlet around a rotor – are lightweight single-use pumps that feature a small footprint, high vacuum capability, and the ability to handle varying fluid viscosities and flow rates. To ease and streamline product changeovers, the QB Series pumps have been designed to simply click in and out of the pump’s motor drive so that when the product bag is empty, the user can take the pump and primary container out and replace both with one click. This simple design eliminates the need for pump recalibration, requalification and maintenance while helping to reduce the potential risk of harmful cross-contamination. These features make the QB Series pumps an ideal solution for handling shear-sensitive products in biopharmaceutical cell, culture and small-scale upstream/downstream applications.

The first model in the new QB Series is the QB2-Standard (QB2-SD) Single-Use Precision Micropump. The QB2-SD has a minimum resolution of 25 μl and flow rates from 0.3 to 2.7 L/h. (10.1 to 91.3 oz/hr.), which makes the pump ideal for fluid-handling operations requiring the precise and delicate dosing of products. The QB2-SD pump can also create high vacuum levels of -0.6 bar (-9 psi) and exhibits back-pressure capabilities up to 0.2 bar (2.9 psi).

Lightweight at 6.4 g (0.013 lb.), the QB2-SD pump is highly compact at 38 mm wide (including barbs) and 30 mm high with a depth of only 17 mm (1.5 x 1.2 x 0.7 inches), which creates very low hold-up volume. The pump features bi-directional pumping motion, is compatible with gamma irradiation and can handle viscosities up to 500 cP. Constructed with USP <88> Class VI-certified materials such as MBS, HDPE and silicone, it meets stringent quality standards. The QB2-SD’s biopharma certifications include Particulate Testing (sub-visible testing per USP 788), Microbial Ingress, Endotoxin (USP 85), and Bioburden (ISO 11737-1).

In the future, it is planned to offer five models within the QB Series Single-Use Microdosing Pump product family: the QB2-SD, QB25-Standard (QB25-SD), QB25-High Pressure (QB25-HP), QB60-High Speed (QB60-HS) and QB120-Dilution (QB120-DL). This will create a full portfolio of QB Series pump models with a flow-rate range from 0.3 to 120 l/hr. (10.1 to 4,058 oz/hr.).

PSG Biotech also offers for use in biopharmaceutical applications the fully integrated Quattroflow Q-Drive-Alpha device for evaluation, production and laboratory use. Compatible for use with the QB2-SD pump, the Q-Drive-Alpha features a stainless-steel body and a 7” color touchscreen for programming desired functions such as speed, flow, dose volume, self-priming, cycling and reverse.