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Q-Control Posts

Reducing Manual Intervention with Accessible Pump Automation

Technology in the field of biotech manufacturing is advancing rapidly. Despite these advances, liquid-processing pump systems, often still use manual controls, requiring operators to manually read the pressure gauge and adjust the motor speed should the pressure leave the acceptable range. This method is time-consuming and lacks the precision that an automated system can provide.
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How an Integrated Pump Controller Can Help Protect Your Manufacturing Process

While most large-scale manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drugs is a fully automated process, early stage development and small-scale manufacturing still require manual interaction and control steps in the process. Manual intervention not only demands continuous monitoring by operators, but sometimes results in a lack of consistency in the process. Achieving a higher level of accuracy and consistency is only possible if the operation’s liquid-processing system possesses automated capabilities that can identify and tune to the proper manufacturing parameters.
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Finding the Pump Controller to Fit Your Biopharma Manufacturing Process

Automated pump monitoring systems bring a variety of benefits when used in biopharma liquid-processing operations. They can be used to optimize pump performance by giving the operator the ability to automatically control operational parameters. This control makes it easier to run simple process steps in biopharma applications more effectively, resulting in better consistency, which is imperative when manufacturing products that must adhere to strict process conditions in order to create a safe, useable end-product.
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