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Ebsray® Pumps designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of Positive Displacement and Regenerative Turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications. Additionally, selected products are marketed to supplement the range.

Ebsray's vast experience in the industrial pumping area coupled with the expertise acquired over 75 years has enabled Ebsray to become a market leader in innovative design for 'niche' industrial markets.

Ebsray's recent successes in the LPG industry, military equipment refuelling systems and bulk potable water transfer has confirmed the company's ability to adapt it's products and manufacturing capability to the world markets.

If you require a small fuel oil pump, transport tanker pump, rail or road tanker loading/unloading pump, autogas driveway dispensing pump, etc, Ebsray will provide you with a solution to satisfy your requirements.

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Ebsray Pumps

New R75 Series Pumps Now Available From Ebsray®

Ebsray® is pleased to introduce the next evolution in LPG transport pumping with their R75 Series high volume LPG turbine pump.

Ebsray Model R75 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps, featuring Ebsray Turbine Technology, are designed and precision-built from the ground up, specifically for the unloading of LPG tank trucks.

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Ebsray Pumps

New RC40 Series Pumps From Ebsray®

High Performing and Reliable Solution for Liquefied Gas Applications Featuring Ebsray Turbine Technology™

Ebsray is pleased to announce the availability of its new RC40 Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps.

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