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Griswold® SafeGuard™ Predictive Maintenance Solution

The SafeGuard System is an industrial pump monitoring solution that provides proactive pump health alerts via continuous cloud connectivity. Through wireless access and remote observation, this system tracks the health of both the pump and motor, automatically generating an issue alert with clear, actionable guidance to easily resolve the root cause of the issue.

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Features and Benefits

  • Strategic downtime planning
  • Remote pump health notifications
  • Actionable guidance to resolve issues
  • Root cause identification
  • 24/7 proactive alerts
  • Identifies failure mode* (see below for full list)
  • Clear actionable repair guidance
  • Monitoring of pump and motor (std.)
  • Continuous cloud connectivity
  • Includes web application access
  • All-inclusive service

Tri-Axial Vibration

An equipment's vibration signature provides extensive details about its health and is used to identify bearing failure, misalignment, cavitation, pipe strain, and much more.



Elevated temperature is an indication of bearing failure, inadequate bearing lubrication, and other causes. Studying the temperature trend can detect thermal fault signatures and gain additional insight.



Allows the sensors to monitor the true RPM and diagnose electrical faults to not only monitor the health of the motor, but also enhance the vibration analysis accuracy.

Software Capabilities

SafeGuard sensors on Griswold pump

Overall Pump Health

Quickly identify health of all pumps through a color-coded dashboard

Pump Details

Easily document and access pump specifications, installation details and operational details

Machine Health Trends

Trend analysis shows pump health over time and is categorized on scale

Actionable Repair Instructions

Failure mode activation and helpful guidance displayed upon detection of failure

Service And Repair Tracker

Document and track all repairs in a convenient location


Generated when equipment health changes; customizable to include basic or complete data

Performance and Specifications


30% Lower Maintenance Costs


75% Fewer Breakdowns


20% Less Energy


45% More Uptime

Supported Failure Modes


  • Impeller Imbalance
  • Pump Soft Foot
  • Shaft Eccentricity
  • Vane Pass Frequency
  • Bearing Lubrication Issues
  • Bearing Wear
  • Cavitation
  • Pipe Strain


  • Motor Soft Foot
  • Stator Eccentricity
  • Rotor Eccentricity
  • Loose Stator Windings
  • Loose Rotor Bars
  • Cracked Rotor Bars
  • Loose Connections
  • Worn/Eccentric Fan Sheave
  • Worn/Eccentric Motor Sheave


  • Coupling Misalignment
  • Baseplate (Foundation) Looseness
  • Electrical Faults
  • Electricity Discharge Through Bearing