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Vapor Recovery is a serious environmental and economic issue that can't be ignored. Blackmer has created this website as a resource to help you better understand Vapor Recovery by providing information that covers:

Vapor Recovery, if not properly addressed, can present serious legal and financial consequences for oil-tank operators. However, if proactively managed with an effective Vapor Recovery system in place, the investment made upfront offers substantial economic rewards in the the form of additional profits that previously vanished into thin air.

Compliance and Cost Reduction in One Solution

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated dramatic reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other emissions with its new NSPS Quad O regulation introduced in 2011. Learn the details of these new regulations and how to stay in compliance. Additionally, learn how the Vapor Recovery investment can pay for itself in a year or less by putting this captured gas vapor back into tanks for sale.

As the infrared video shows, these vapor emissions are often unseen, yet easily escape into the atmosphere if not properly contained. With the accelerated growth of oil and gas production in the U.S., Vapor Recovery and the systems now required to capture, control and transfer the emissions they produce is not just a priority but the law.