Mandarin Version: Blackmer Pumps help Lube-Oil Customers in China


To learn more about the Blackmer® pumps used in this video, please visit: With the increased need in China for the production and handling of lubricants comes a corresponding increase in the need for pump technologies that are capable of satisfying the specific requirements of lube-oil applications. Traditionally, gear pumps have been used to transfer lube oils in China. However, positive displacement sliding vane pumps do not have any of the operational deficiencies that can plague gear pumps, making them the ideal solution for handling these tough applications. This video, featuring Blackmer's distributor in China, Shanghai Pump-Kin Machinery Co. (SPK), illustrates how lube-oil customers are optimizing operations by selecting Blackmer NP Series and XL Series Sliding Vane Pumps for all their lube-oil applications. - 在中国的需要增加润滑油的生产和处理涉及在需要泵技术,这些技术能够满足的润滑油油应用的特定要求的相应增加。传统上,齿轮泵已用于在中国传送润滑油。然而,正位移滑片泵没有任何的业务缺陷,可以困扰齿轮泵,这对处理这些棘手应用的理想解决方案。这段视频中,具有百马在中国的总代理,上海水泵 - 健机械有限公司(SPK),说明润滑油油客户如何通过选择百马NP系列和XL系列滑片泵为他们所有的润滑油油应用优化操作。

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