Comparing Pump Technologies

For many years, the go-to technology for hygienic manufacturing processes in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have been lobe or external circumferential piston (ECP) pumps and, to a lesser extent, centrifugal, hose and progressive cavity styles. But those technologies lack the ability to provide adequate vacuum and compression needed to clear lines.

The following chart provides a comparison overview of various pump technologies when taking into account several key consideration points when implementing a Product Recovery pump solution.

comparing pump technologies

The eccentric disc pump’s heightened product-recovery capabilities is that it operates via a disc that moves on an eccentric plane within a circular channel, which gives the pump the ability to provide non-pulsing, low-slip operation with high volumetric consistency. This design also means that flow rates vary minimally with changes in viscosity, temperature, system back-pressure and even component wear.