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Polymer Aging

Polymer Aging

Emulsion & Dispersion Polymers:

The decision to provide aging largely hinges on the size of the application. It is more difficult to justify the investment of the tank, solution metering pump and controls required for aging in a small versus large application. There is also a benefit to the simplicity of a simple in-line polymer activation and feed system. The vast majority of dynaBLEND installations do not include aging.

Polymer aging may make sense in larger applications such as applications where multiple dewatering devices are used or in very large filtering or clarifying applications. Even when a small percentage of polymer savings is achieved in these large polymer volume applications, a substantial dollar savings may be realized.

Mannich Polymers:

Mannich polymers are already activated in their as-supplied form, therefore aging of Mannich polymers is typically not required.

A common misperception is that having an aging tank eliminates the need for a high performing polymer make-down system. This couldn't be further from the truth. Optimum polymer performance with or without aging still hinges on how effectively the polymer activation/blending system does its job.

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