RB Series


Model RB10

Constructional Features
Low maintenance - two stage impeller design
Low NPSH booster first stage impeller
Direct coupling to standard 2-pole motors-EExe or EExd protection
Simple balanced mechanical seal
Throttle bush meets API 682 - ISO 21049 standard
Extremely quiet, vibration free operation
Very simple to service

Materials of Construction
Casing - Ductile Iron/Steel
Impellers - Stainless Steel/Bronze as standard
Shaft - High tensile alloy steel
Special materials to specification.

Range of performance
Flows to 140 L/min (37 gpm)
Maximum Differential Pressure: 11 bar (160 psi)
Hydrostatic test pressure: 70 bar (1,016 psi)
Power Range to 7.5kW
Speeds to 3500 RPM

Model Lineup
RB10 - 91 L/min (24 pgm) @ 7 bar (101 psi) - 50Hz
        - 132 L/min (35 pgm) @ 7 bar (101 psi) - 50Hz

Standard variants and options are available to suit special applications and specifications for all models.